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Transform your video conference experience with JPL headsets and webcams

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Connect to your customers, advance business communication and increase productivity with professional headsets and web cameras from the UK

The pandemic has definitely changed the way we conduct business today and most probably the way we will in the future.

Work-from-home scheme has taken a bigger percentage of work modes in different industries. Video conferencing has also become today's biggest platform in conducting business, and with its undeniable efficiency and even budget-friendliness, it is likely to stay in the next coming years.

But of course, it is not always perfect and it will never replace the value of personal interaction. The challenge now is how to both deliver your message and your presence to the other side of the line with the most clarity and ease.

That is why Syspoint Inc. has partnered with JPL Telecom to bring from the U.K. its professional headsets and web cameras to the Philippines.

A Global Innovator

JPL is a global innovator in the design and manufacture of wired and wireless professional headsets and the development of industry firsts in sustainable and future proof wearables.

Its wide range of headsets provide a real and practical alternative to current brand leaders without compromising quality and user productivity - be it for entry-level office use or call center use.

Made with innovative and ground-breaking technology

The JPL Vision+ is a compact USB webcam with built-in dual stereo microphones and full HD glass lens for topnotch audio and visual performance delivery. With its undistorted wide angle view, hinged bracket for easy mount and long range voice pickup, you don't need to worry about getting out the lens' view or your audience not hearing you. It's also compatible with most conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype and Google Meet and works well with most softphones. Just plug, play and present!

A JPL Vision Mini Web Camera could just be your perfect solution for conference room or home office video conferencing. It has a full HD 1080p resolution size that allows you the best video clarity for face-to-face online meetings. With its small and lightweight body and a tri-fold hinged bracket and gripper foot mount, all that's left to do is plug, play and present!

The JPL Element TT3-AVANT-M is a unique patented modular headset system that's been designed with style, cost-efficiency and comfort in mind. With just one click, you can switch from monaural to binaural headband. It also comes with a leatherette ear cushion for better comfort and listening experience. With its modular design, you also don't have to replace the entire headset if the mic or headband breaks since you can buy the broken part only. That's way lot less expenses in case of damage!

Explore JPL Telecom's wide range of products here. For a free presentation and demonstration, send us a message at

JPL Telecom headsets, web cameras and accessories are sold in the Philippines solely by Syspoint Inc. For inquiries, send us a message or call us at (02) 8522-8888.

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